Mary Lou Bloxom, CHA

Mary Lou is a 35 year veteran of the hospitality industry having been an
individual property general manager, a property owner, and management
company president before co-founding the Carlton Group. Mary Lou is a
visionary known for her ability to trouble shoot and turn around struggling
properties. Her vast knowledge of a variety of franchises and markets
allows her to find the ideal match for each property. Once selecting the
right franchise for a hotel, Mary Lou then puts together a master plan
using numerous revenue generating sources and her own innovative
approach to rate and inventory management.


Since day one Mary Lou has been a pioneer in her field. Originally in the
1970’s she was the first to use MLOS and CTA in the Williamsburg
market, these yield management tools are now widely used throughout the
industry. In addition she founded Williamsburg Reservation Services
which would eventually become the Williamsburg Hotel/Motel
Association. Her tools for yield management have proven tremendously
successful time and time again in achieving significant gains to room
revenue. In fact major hotel chains have offered to purchase an outline
and the right to use her procedures and have asked Mary Lou teach
seminars at annual hotel chain conventions.


Today Mary Lou continues to lead the way with not only creative ways of
generating revenue but also well honed techniques for tracking
expenses. For each and every property she develops a customized formula
for analyzing operating statements to ensure that every line item is within
industry standards as well as budgeted standards not only on the surface
but breaking each line item into a cost per room.